Make Him Miss You To Win Him Back By Using The No Contact Rule Correctly

Published: 01st March 2011
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When you have just had a breakup, your boyfriend may refuse any communication from you by phone, texting or otherwise. That can make you desperate for a way to let him know how much you need him in your life. If this describes your situation now, then learning how to make him miss you by using the no contact rule correctly could help you get back together.

Right now what you are feeling is his effective use of the no contact rule which is increasing your desperation to win back his love. It's only natural that your emotions are pushing you to remain close and not lose him to another. However, your first move to make him miss you and reverse the breakup should be to just apply that same no contact rule towards him.

If you want to make him miss you and get back together, use of the NC rule is a good first start. Some cooling off time away from each other can give both of you time to think over the situation that caused the breakup. It's easy to say hurtful things in the heat of the moment for spiteful reasons. Having no communication with each other for just a few weeks helps to heal hurt feelings and cool down any anger.

Keep in mind if you let your emotions take control now by chasing after him, your efforts to get back together with him will have to begin again with no contact. This means you will need patience, strength and determination to effectively make him miss you to win him back.

It may have been something unusual you did or said that is causing him not to communicate with you. An important point to remember is that men usually need more time for getting over being upset or emotionally hurt. This is the reason for you to not have any contact at all with him for at least two to three weeks.

Your ex boyfriend feels it's easier to just avoid any potential heated confrontation with you telling him how wrong he is. This is not what he needs now so he feels it's better to remain silent.

When you first broke up, he had not yet thought about facing life without you. This is where giving him some time away from you is on your side to make him miss you. If you have had a loving relationship with him, it is only natural that he will begin missing you when you are not in his life.

If you apply the no contact rule correctly to make your boyfriend miss you after a breakup, he will have time to think about the good times you had as a couple. This is because the emotions of a man become more intense about a relationship when he is alone with his thoughts. With each passing day his thoughts about you will continue to increase and his feelings of hurt or anger will be less.

Giving him time away with no contact from you will help him sort out his true feelings about your relationship. This is the correct way to make him miss you to win him back. It won't be long until his emotions will make him wonder if you still love and care about him. At this point of missing you in his life, he will feel the need to contact you to satisfy his own emotional uncertainty regarding your feelings about him.

To make him miss you enough and desperately want you back, remember that how you act, what you say, and what you must avoid will impact your chances of having lasting happiness with the man you love.

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